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All Ears Hearing Aid Service Inc. offers many services to patients in-office or in the convenience of your own home. Our phones will always be answered by one of our friendly and professional office staff. Our offices are convenient and provide free parking and handicap access.

We offer a complete hearing evaluation to determine what hearing instrument is right for you. We start with a full and extensive patient history, hearing evaluation, selection and fitting of hearing instruments and accessories. We work with ear mold labs for custom hearing aid ear molds or hearing protection molds. We also work with hearing aid manufacturers for new hearing instruments and hearing aid repair labs. We also provide a mail—out battery service so you don’t even have to leave your house to get batteries.

We always say, "Anyone can fit a hearing aid, but it’s the service after that is the most important." That is our promise to our patients.


Today's Hearing Aids

Like the old saying goes, "It’s not your father’s Oldsmobile!" Hearing aids used to simply amplify everything. Now they are much more advanced. We are able to give people the best advantage to hear the best they possibly can with today’s digital technology. You can choose from many different levels of technology, from the most sophisticated hearing instrument in the world today, to a very simple, more basic hearing instrument. It all depends on your lifestyle. We don’t feel that all of our patients need the most sophisticated instrument when sometimes a good quality, basic hearing instrument might just be fine.

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Considering that we have been helping people hear for over 35 years now, we have seen a complete turnaround of the hearing aid industry from what it used to be. For the most part, many hearing instruments today are automatic. They automatically adjust in different environments from quiet to noisy. Besides the exceptional sound quality of today’s hearing instruments, one of the latest advancements is the development of Bluetooth technology that allows us to hear conversation and music right in our ears through our hearing instruments. This gives our patients direct audio from their TV, cellphone or any Bluetooth device. It has made a huge difference to all our patients that use this for their hearing benefit.

Hearing Aid Maintenance

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As in any industry, it’s the service after the sale that is the most important. At All Ears Hearing Aid Service Inc., we take pride in our follow-up service. We personally call you after the delivery of the hearing instrument to see how well you are adjusting, and to see if you may need any special fine tuning or to even review how to change the battery or insert your hearing instrument. We are a team. You are not in this alone. We work together to make sure you are happy with your choice.

After your initial trial period, our office support staff will keep in touch with you periodically, to make sure your hearing instrument is cleaned and maintained for many years of service. If you have an issue with your hearing instrument, most are very simple, easy fixes, that we can do at no charge. If your hearing instrument needs factory service, we handle that all for you. We are only a phone call away. We want you to be happy. We care about our patients.



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With all the new technology available for hearing instruments, it is our job, at All Ears Hearing Aid Service Inc. to keep up with the times. If it is out there, we have it. We are in practice to keep up to date on all the most recent advancements. We get training from the best—manufacturers themselves. We have all the Bluetooth Accessories and even a technician to assist you in your home to help set up any wireless connection you may want to use. We provide personized service.

Since the recent development of many Bluetooth accessories used in conjunction with hearing instruments, All Ears Hearing Aid Service Inc. is a leader in helping our patients utilize this technology. Many hearing aid offices sell Bluetooth accessories, and leave it up to you to go home and hook it up. Most people don’t know how to do this and end up leaving the box unopened.

At All Ears Hearing Aid Service Inc., we not only can provide you with this technology, but also assist you in getting things hooked up for use. We have actually gone out to our patients’ homes and provided this service for them so they can take advantage of TV links and streaming devises. We don’t know of any other company that does this. We do it for our patients.

Brands of Hearing Aids

While we will service nearly any brand, we recommend the following major hearing aid manufacturers:

When All Ears Hearing Aid Service Inc. was first established, we had a difficult decision to make. Did we want to become a franchise, or did we want to be independent? While the perks of being in a franchise were quite enticing as a business owner, it only served the business owner, and not the patients.

Sure, we could benefit from all the franchise advertising and perks, but did that benefit our patients? No. We would be locked into one specific manufacturer, and we have found that one manufacturer did not always provide everything for everybody.

So instead, we decided to be independent and choose the company that best fit our patient’s needs. Instead of working with one brand and have to pick from that one brand, we have access to various manufacturers. This way we can provide the best instrument for that patient’s needs, and not just have to pick one that comes close. This has worked out very well for our patients.

Why get something that comes close, when we can pick one that is the best for you?

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