What about Tinnitus (Ringing in the Ears)?

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During our initial history and physical, we ask our patients if they experience any tinnitus or noises in their ears. We ask certain questions and have our patients rate the intensity of their tinnitus.

Some people that have hearing loss also experience tinnitus. Many times, tinnitus can be covered or masked by hearing aids. Sometimes restoring sounds that they are gone due to hearing loss can be enough to cancel out or hide the tinnitus. For others, tinnitus can be more challenging to address. With today's technology, many hearing instruments include a tinnitus management program.

We are now able to use hearing aids to produce sounds that can help lessen the presence of tinnitus by producing a sound that can lessen its perceived intensity. It has been a blessing for those that have to deal with this on a daily basis.


Modern Hearing Loss

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There has been a huge paradigm shift in the hearing instrument field in the last 10 years. A paradigm shift is a change in how we used to look at things, but now see them differently. People no longer look at the hearing instruments and they make you look old, instead they see a hearing instrument and think, "Ok, this person has a hearing loss and is smart enough to do something about it."

Sure, we occasionally run across some people from the old school of thinking, but it's not like it used to be. These days, people use technology to their advantage, and here at All Ears Hearing Aid Services Inc. we help them achieve their goals.


Communication Tips & Counseling

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We go to great lengths to council our patients and their families. We feel that explaining to them what to expect and what not to expect is the key to our success. One of the tips we pass on to the family is to call the name of the person first, before asking a question. This helps our patients focus and concentrate on the person speaking.

If our patient is watching TV, reading, or even just relaxing, and someone enters the room and just blurts out a question, most anyone is going to say, "What?" We find it is easier on all parties involved if they would just say callout, "honey", and then the person responding can say, "yes, sweetheart," and then you know you have their full focus and attention. There are many tips we talk about during our fitting and dispensing process which greatly adds more to the whole hearing experience.

Ear Conditions

Prior to the hearing instrument field, Virginia worked in an operating room. Many of the patients we see have had surgery on their ears for various reasons. When a patients says they have had a stapedectomy, typanoplasty, or a PE tube inserted, Virginia knows firsthand exactly what has been done, because she has scrubbed in on hundreds of ENT cases. This gives her much more experience in dealing with surgical ears, which can be a little more challenging than non-surgical ears.

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